Things To Know About The Glaucoma Treatment

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Glaucoma"Glaucoma is a kind of eye disease that is known to affect the people over 40 years of age but, this is detected in a small percentage of children and infants also. This is the curable disease so there is nothing to worry. You just have to visit the ophthalmologist at the right time before this spreads and makes your condition worse. Glaucoma causes damage to your optic nerve and affects the vision. The main reason for this eye disease is the increased pressure building in your eyes. It is the high fluid pressure in the eyes that damage the optic nerve of the eye. Glaucoma causes the loss of vision and can even make you permanently blind if not treated in the initial stages. In mavit, there are some eye care clinics from where you can get glaucoma treated.

Types of glaucoma

There are two main kinds of glaucoma,

  1. Open-angle glaucoma
  2. Angle closure glaucoma

Clinics for jaskra leczenie mavit offer treatment of both kinds of glaucoma. The first type of glaucoma is the common one. Trabecular meshwork responsible for drainage in eyes appears normal but the fluid is not able to pass through the optic nerve due to blockage. In the other types of glaucoma, the angle formed between the iris and cornea is too small which prevents the flow of the fluid. This type of blockage also results in building the pressure in the eyes and causes the condition of glaucoma.

Notice the warming signs

There are many people who have to lose their vision completely or partially because of glaucoma just because they were not able to notice the signs of glaucoma. If you are facing an unusual trouble in the dark room, color of your iris has changed, develop double vision, watery eyes or itching in your eyes, visit to the nearest eye doctor for knowing if it is glaucoma or any other eye disease,